Artist Bio

Maria Saraceno is a sculptor and installation artist with an MFA degree from the University of South Florida. Born and raised in Italy, but having lived the majority of her life in the United States, her early work dealt with issues of marginalization frequently associated with being a bicultural person. Sociopolitical issues informed some of her later work, taking the form of sculpture and video installation. Maria's two most recent projects were site specific, aimed at the transformation of a sterile urban space into a friendly environment where people could meet and engage in social interaction. The intervention was mediated by the preparation and sharing of a meal on a street corner in the first project, and by the offering of refreshments and hand massages to hotel workers at a bus stop in the second project. Video installations presented to the public shared the content of both projects.

Maria is the recipient of several awards and of a Pinellas Arts Council Individual Artist Grant. She has exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg and the Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa, as well as internationally.

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